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The Science Behind Ember

Caffeine gummy diagram


What is caffeine?

One of the most widely consumed psychoactive substances worldwide, caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound naturally found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and the cola nut extract which is used in cola-type beverages.


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What are caffeine’s typical effects?

 Caffeine is often used to suppress feelings of fatigue and increase feelings of energy and concentration.





How does caffeine work?




How much caffeine is safe?



How much caffeine is in typical products?




What is L-Theanine?



What are L-Theanine’s typical effects?




How does L-Theanine work?




Caffeine and L-Theanine

Why combine caffeine and L-Theanine?




Matcha Powder

What is matcha powder?



What are some of the benefits of Matcha powder?



Cocoa Powder

What are some of the benefits of cocoa?