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Our Story

team ember


ember is founded on one premise: YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE.


ember is designed to put you on your A-game by making you more efficient and productive.


As students at UChicago and UMichigan, we noticed that a lot of our classmates lost focus during afternoon lectures. We saw the same thing in the business world - that people generally lose focus in the afternoon. Why wasn’t there a simple solution to bring a spark to your afternoon?


We decided to create something that our classmates and colleagues would value and that actually works!


Introducing ember – a quick, convenient boost of energy at your fingertips.


Launching ember was challenging since we wanted to create something truly unique. Developing a good product takes time and our ingredients are carefully selected.


ember is a family business and we manufacture our products in the USA. We are thrilled to be serving you today.


Our guiding principles: 


  • Be genuine
  • Treat others as we would want to be treated
  • Make a positive impact in the world


Our goal is not to build an empire, but simply to know that ember is helping you in your daily life.


If that’s the case, we’ll be 100% fulfilled.



-Cofounders/Cousins Alec and Mark